Photo Blog

Like most photographers, if there's nothing that the good people of South Wales want to pay me to shoot, then I'm shooting anyway. There's always a personal photographic project on the go, and here's where you'll find my more personal, self-directed photographic work.

Some of this will (or has) ended up at exhibition, whilst other shots just make it as far as family photo albums. Either way, its all practice, and that benefits my photographic clients.

Photoramble: Paper fold abstract

Yet another wet Winter weekend in lockdown, and another photography itch-scratcher. What can you do with a scrap of paper and a mobile phone?

The Bastard Executioner at Marigold Costumes

Short lived historical drama 'The Bastard Executioner' sold its stock to Marigold Costumes in Cardiff, and I was brought in to photograph the lot.

Photoramble: Shell Shots

Another wet lockdown Sunday photoramble - this time, shooting seashells.

Travel Photography: Morocco Madness

Morocco is a stunning country, but taking photos in Marrakesh almost ended up with me in hospital, or worse…

Model photoshoot with Indica Snow

I'd wanted to try shooting with liquid latex, and Indica Snow was up for the challenge (and the discomfort of ripping it off afterwards). ** Contains Nudity **

Cymry o Bob Man / Welsh From Everywhere

In 2019 I started a new project called 'Cymry o Bob Man / Welsh from Everywhere', a photographic investigation into the ethnic diversity of Newport.

Astrophotography in Eryri/Snowdonia

I love astronomy and all things space, but living in a city means light pollution and few stars... time to head to a dark skies region.

Photo-synthesis: Shooting Plants

During lockdown with little client work, I set myself some mini photographic projects to scratch my photo itch. As plants love light as much as photographers, I started there.