Actor Portraits with Elliott

Actor Portraits / Headshots

An actor's calling card is their z-card (or comp card) — usually several portraits on a card alongside contact details and personal details like age, height etc. and any special skills they may have. When casting for film and tv, casting directors will often trawl through dozens or hundreds of these z-cards to try to find the right potential cast for their productions.

It is important that these actor headshot photos are high quality — the investment required to get a professional photographer in may seem expensive when you can shoot photos on your phone for free, but when it comes to such an important piece of marketing material for you, then it is well worth the modest investment. You need your photos to stand out from the crowd, as these casting directors can reject a badly printed, or badly photographed headshot in the blink of an eye, but they will notice the quality in the professional shots and thus notice the actor.

Keeping the Customer Satisfied

Elliott loved both the experience of having the photoshoot, and the resulting images:

"Just looked over the pictures and I'm really chuffed with how they turned out. You've done a cracking job on these."

I wish Elliott the best of luck with his acting/stuntman career - he truly is a photogenic young man and the movie camera should love him as much as the stills camera. Take a look at the photos.