Rhys Webber shoots
Product Photography

Do you need product shots for a brochure, website or ecommerce — then contact Webber Photo. You can either deliver the products to our studio, or I can bring a portable product photography studio solution to your place of work. For e-commerce product shots you probably want a white background shot, but we can also get creative with lighting and colour if that would suit you better. Take a look at some of the product shots in the gallery below and get in touch.

I've shot products for a range of companies including Ensinger Plastics, Welsh Connection, Premspec, Industrial Door Services and more.


At Webber Photo we know that great photography can really help promote your products. After the shoot and editorial process (deciding which images are required) we will optimise, colour grade, tone and retouch each image before submitting you with both the full size images (massive), plus your choice of sized images for your website or brochure.

We can also supply images with a mask if you want to be able to use the images on multiple backgrounds.

Contact Webber Photo for details of product photography pricing.