Portfolio Shoot with Queenie May

Pre-Shoot Planning

I've done a fair few of these portfolio shoots - working with new models who want to get some great images to kick start their portfolios. Some are great, others... not so much, but I've found that the key is to plan and collaborate before the shoot. (Plan to succeed!). The shoots are always 'TF' meaning 'Time For...'. The model gets some great images for their new portfolio, and in return I get a free model to shoot my ideas (and theirs!).

These shoots takes effort and time, so I will only work with new models who express a creative spark - and indicate that they have ideas, and are keen to collaborate. This collaboration lightens my load and can be a great way to push me out of my comfort zone if a model suggests something that's new to me. I'll then make it my business to research and practice before the day of the shoot, so that I know exactly what I'm doing.  At this stage I might also be collecting props, or costume items, or scouting locations for the photoshoot.

Collaborative Pinterest Mood Boards

I tend to set up a collaborative Pinterest Mood Board, where both myself and the model can post inspirational images. We'll then pick on 3-5 ideas from the images added to the board, that we can realistically get shot in a few hour's shooting. Pinterest is a great tool for really quickly throwing together a mood board, with the advantage that both me and the model can also comment on each other's postings. We also sometimes refer to this board during the shoot - maybe copying poses, or lighting techniques to create our shots.

Queenie May

Queenie May was the ideal model for this type of TF Collaborative shoot. Her model bio showed that she was up for collaboration, and had her own ideas, so we quickly filled up a Pinterest board between us, and started planning for the shoot. Despite being relatively new to modelling she was really quick to learn, took direction well, but also came up with her own ideas on the fly which was great. 

Post Production - Lightroom and Photoshop

As even with my model portfolio shoots, the studio work is only half the story. I love spending time working on the images in Lightroom and Photoshop to bring out the best in each photograph. This may involve the usual colour corrections, tone corrections, contrast, exposure (etc) work - but also gives me the opportunity to get creative with the images by adding textures, compositing and generally just enjoying the process of post production.

I hope you like the results - not bad for a few short hours in the studio.