Photoramble: Shell Shots

A wet weekend in lockdown with the rest of the family busy doing their own things, so I went in search of something to photograph in the house and found a big glass jar of seashells in the bathroom. 

I like beaches, but like to be active, so in between bouts of swimming, frisbee etc I like to wander off looking for shells, stones and other beach bounty. The variety of shapes and colours haev always fascinated me, so what better way to spend a couple of hours than take some photos of my shell collection.

The Technical Bit

As most of the shells were white, or light colours, I decided to use a black backdrop to provide some great contrast- adding a sheet of glass on top to provide reflections.

I shot with continuous lights, with  Nikon D600 on a tripod, with shutter release. Some of these shells are pretty small so I used my Tokina Macro 100mm lens.

To get all of each shell in focus with macro would've required stacking a bunch of shots for each, but I like the short depth of field provided, so just took single shots of each shell.