Photoramble: Paper fold abstract

It's cold and raining outside. The rest of the family are doing their own thing and I'm itching to do some photography with my new macro lens. I've already run around the house finding various objects to test the lens on, but that was last week. What can I do now... something colourful to contrast with this awful weather?

The Technical Bit

This was a totally simple shot to set up. I took a scrap of torn paper and curled it up with my finger. Then I took my phone, and found a video on YouTube which had a colour changing background with a 1 hour loop of lovely gradients, and set that to play full screen.

Next I balanced the scrap of paper on the screen, and shot from above. How easy is that?

Nikon D600, Tripod, Phone and 1 scrap of paper were all that was required.

I'm not sure what these photographs are for - I might end up using some as backgrounds for my graphic design work - but it whiled away a couple of hours on a grey and cold lockdown afternoon, bringing a little colour to the day.