Rhys Webber Photographs

Birthday Suits, Plantlife, Typography & Street Art

We've all got one, though bits of mine are starting to look like they need a good iron!

At 19 I was asked to be photographed stark naked for a project examining gender roles and representation, which was used as an educational resource for teenagers. I agreed and more recently I've stepped the other side of the camera and started shooting nudes.

Some people may find this gallery offensive — if you are one of those then please don't look. If, on the other hand you can appreciate the elegance and beauty of the human form, then take a look (art not porn!). I'm often on the lookout for models, so please contact me if you want me to shoot you in your birthday suit.

Type & Street Art

Wherever I travel I keep an eye out for interesting typography and have collected thousands of photos of type from around the world. There's hopefully a book in there somewhere, someday, but until then here's a few galleries to get you going. More to follow.