Rhys Webber Loves to
Shoot People

My portable studio allows me to come to your location to photograph your staff portraits/ headshots, or else I can shoot on location at your corporate event.

For years after graduating with my photography degree I mainly shot inanimate objects — they were easy as they didn't move and didn't have character to reveal… but eventually I got bored of this, and realised that people is what I really love to shoot. Photographing people in any context requires more than just photography skills, it needs people skills too, and I have those in spades.


I am equally happy shooting professional models/ celebrities/ sportspeople/ royalty (who are all used to the camera) as I am photographing 'real' people. I've lost count of the times that some staff member has walked into the room and announced "I hate having my photo taken". If I took a shot right away it would look stiff and forced, but give me 10 minutes with the sitter in these situations and I can get them to relax in my company enough for me to capture their natural character.

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