Newport City Radio Photoshoot

Newport City Radio have been broadcasting in Newport for over ten years and to celebrate they planned a new website (which my company helped build). They needed some new photographic portraits of the team, including presenters, producers, journalists and admin staff. The brief was to produce super colourful, vibrant and fun portraits using their brand yellow for the background.

I shot the portraits at the radio station using my portable studio, with a sunflower yellow background, ensuring that all sitters wore bright and bold colours - a couple showed up in less colourful clothing, but I tweaked these in photoshop to achieve the vibrancy that the client wanted. Between us we also provided a box of props to add to the fun.

Lastly, I added a watermarked tiled version of their logo in the background to enhance the brand recognition. Some of the portraits were for specific shows - hence the landscape format. On the website the spaces to the left and right of the sitters is filled with text info on each show.