Harding Evans Portraits

With about 90 staff members to shoot, this wasn't going to be done in a day, so we arranged one photoshoot at the Cardiff office, and 3 at the Newport office. 

"I ******* hate having my photo taken!"

If clients want natural looking portraits, then it takes a little time - as many people hate having their photo taken, and especially when told they must by their employer.  Wall to wall images of beautiful models wherever we turn has made many people uncomfortable with having their photos taken, and so it is no surprise when a significant proportion of my 'models' for headshots enter the studio with fear and trepidation. This makes them stiff with hunched shoulders and rictus smile (or their go-to photo pose), which is no good for taking relaxed and natural photos.

For this reason I request 10 minutes with each sitter. Some sitters are clearly comfortable and are in and out of the studio in 5 minutes, but with the less comfortable ones I need that time to get them to relax, and forget that they "hate having their photo taken". This means chatting, and asking questions - connecting with each sitter in order that they relax enough for the shot. I may then only shoot in the last couple of minutes of the ten, but the results are much better.

On Brand Portraits 

Harding Evans' brand is centred around their teal colour palette, so we decided (me and the marketing manager together), that we should shoot on a textured teal background, with a little gradient so that the centre of the images was lighter than the edges. To achieve this I set a coloured gel onto a grey background, turning it to a teal colour. The teal wasn't quite the brand colour, but close enough that I could then tweak each portrait in photoshop to get the precise colour for the brand.

Finishing Off

Pretty much all phone cameras now come with a 'beauty' filter which smooths skin and reduces blemishes - and people are using them so much that a regular 'warts-and-all' high res image can look too detailed in comparison. So in collaboration with the team at Harding Evans we decided to do minor skin smoothing, and blemish removal on all images - plus several of the sitters requested more specific edits, including thickening of thinning hair in Photoshop.

I'm happy to offer these edits if the clients want them - not going as far as a beauty/model retouch shot (that can take an hour per shot) , but making the sitters look as good as possible. 

Take a look and get in touch if your team needs new photographic portraits.