Fashion Shoot with Lara

I take photos, but I also make photos. Much of my commercial work is taking photos - turning up somewhere and shooting portraits, or products, or events (etc). However, a few times a year I plan a fashion style photoshoot in order to make photos. The process is much more in-depth and involves creative collaboration to get the desired photographs.

It usually starts with an idea of a theme or story that I'd like to shoot (or sometimes its a new photographic technique that I want to try). I then have to find a model (the excellent Lara here), find hair and makeup artists to collaborate with (the amazing Elin Coles in this case did both). Next comes a moodboard which the model, make up artist and myself can all post reference images to. After that I then have to source costumes and props - from my clients Marigold Costumes who are a costume company for film, tv and theatre (thanks Dawn and Lynn). Lastly I plan lighting and source backdrops for the shoot. 

Elin Coles did the makeup and hair - we come up with ideas together, but then she makes them her own and delivers stunning results for me. At the Aladdin's Cave which is Marigold I managed to source several hoop (Crinolene) dresses, plus accessories including the white powder wig. I also picked up some more contemporary clothes, for a second style for the shoot.

So, its a big production, with many elements having to come together on the day to get the great shots. We had fun making these photos. Hope you like them!