Cymry o Bob Man / Welsh From Everywhere

The Maindee area of Newport is incredibly ethnically diverse - and richer because of it. Children at the amazing Maindee Primary School have parents from around 30 different countries with almost as many languages spoken in their houses. 

Maindee's Community House is at the heart of this diverse area, and I've been working for and with them since I was knee high to a grasshopper, so what better place to set up my portable photographic studio and invite the locals to have their portraits taken. This is not the first time I've shot portraits at Community House, and it surely won't be the last either.

Welsh From Everywhere

The title for my project comes from Susan Lewis' poem 'I Love Maindee'. Sue is a trustee at Community House, and wrote the poem as part of the Epic Award Winning Maindee Stories project (from Marion Webber). 

These portraits were taken in autumn 2019, but there's more to come as soon as Coronavirus restrictions allow.

Jessica Morden, MP for Newport East (and who had her photo taken for the project) said:

"Rhys's wonderful portraits draw attention to the strength of Newport as a city - by emphasizing how welcoming our community is, and how much richer our culture is as a result. This is especially true of Maindee, where I live, and in Community House, Eton Road, where these portraits were taken. Here we welcome and celebrate the cultures of people from all backgrounds, making Wales a home for all"