Bank of England Shoot

Sometimes you get lucky ! The Bank of England already had a preferred freelance photographer in South Wales, but they weren't available, so they Googled local photographers and chose me. Wahoo!

Millbrook School Community Forum

The first photoshoot was at Millbrook School (usually Bettws, but temporarily in Brynglas). It was a discussion with local charity groups focused on the cost of living and impact on service users. The Bank of England staff were keen to learn about the way that Charities service users have been affected by increased interest rates, fuel bills and the cost of living crisis.

discussion group

St Joseph's Secondary School Youth Forum

After Millbrook we moved onto St Josephs' RC Secondary School where the school youth forum got to have their say about money - cash or cards, apple pay, Bitcoin, and digital wallets. It was really interesting to hear the way young people see money, how they use it, and where they see it going in the future.

Youth Forum

Maindee Primary Citizen's Panel

This was the loudest and most colourful of the day's photoshoots - with the school hall full of families of pupils at the school. Over a buffet meal, the Bank of England team members broke out onto individual tables to speak to groups of parents, and learn of their financial concerns. 

Citizen's forum

"Thanks Rhys, really nice set of photos"  Andrew Hebden, Head of Outreach, Bank of England.